Applique Digitizing Services

Applique Digitizing Services involves sewing some extra fabric of your desired colour with registration and guidelines in order to reduce the number of stitches involved in applique digitizing. A professional’s creativity and uniqueness can be seen when they make customized products. The same applies to digitizing appliques. With the digitizing service, the experts can re-designed artwork as desired. It enhances the beauty of the product. A hassle-free way to get high-quality applique digitizing is now available with us!

Get Full Range Applique Digitizing Services

At Excellent Stitches, you can get applique digitizing at low prices. Thanks to our state-of-the-art collection, our resources meet the highest and optimum standards in the great industry. With our ability to digitize everything from applique embroidery to custom logos to caps, and 3D puff to applique embroidery designs, we are able to set ourselves apart from our competitors. You can provide digital files in a full range of machine-readable digital formats.SHV, PES, DST, etc., to meet our clients’ demands.


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Why Hire Excellent Stitches

A+ Professional Services

In the embroidery industry, Excellent Stitches is a leading digitizing company that gives customers a smooth experience, a high level of customer service, and innovative products.

Quality without Compromise

Our digitizers use their expertise to the fullest in designing every design for you, which means you can be sure of top-quality digitizing.

Great Customer Service

Do you have questions about digitizing your services? Our live customer service representatives are available to help you 24/6 by email, chat, or WhatsApp.

Multiple Digitizers Available

In digitization, the process can be complicated and varies from customer to customer. We assign the best digitizers to each project based on your particular needs.

Quick Turnaround Time

Generally, jobs will be delivered within 10-12 hours, although rush orders and revisions may take a few hours.

Maintained Privacy

The files for digitizing embroidery art will be kept secure and are never shared with another customer without your permission. Therefore, you will remain protected throughout your journey with us.

What our clients say about us

Our clients have shown us how they love our services with words of appreciation. One of our clients said- “I have worked with several digitizing companies over the course of my career, and I believe that Excellent Stitches offers the best service in the industry.” Some of our clients appreciated our team of professionals- “The professionalism of the Excellent Stitches team and willingness to do the best with minimal interruption is highly appreciable.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of applique digitizing services?

At Excellent Stitches, we offer many types of applique digitizing services including smooth edge applique, raw edge applique, reverse applique, and decorative applique.

In how much time will I receive my applique digitizing?

Depending on how complex your work is, you can expect a turnaround time of a few days. In most cases, we deliver your job within 24 hours, unless you specify an urgent deadline.

What is the difference between applique and embroidery?

The cut-and-sew technique makes appliqué less intricate than applique embroidery design, which tends to be bold and graphic. There is a widening, thickening, and larger scale. Many customers choose an applique machine embroidery style that has a vibrant, decorative style in mind.

How do we do our Applique Digitizing work?

In applique patches, fabrics are cut into different shapes and designs of different sizes are stitched on larger base fabrics to form different patterns using thread and needle. It’s usually done by hand or with an applique machine embroidery.

Will I get satisfactory results with Excellent Stitches?

As the leading custom applique digitizing company, we are dedicated to delivering quality service and customer satisfaction to all of our customers. Our work is guaranteed with a money back guarantee.

Do we take urgent orders for Applique Digitizing?

Sure, of course! Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Feel free to contact us with your requirements and let us know how quickly you would like your order to be ready. Your request will be delivered as soon as possible!

What is Applique Digitizing Services?

Applique digitizing involves the creation of some admirably designed borders and applique patches that professionals can use on clothing and any fabric of their choosing. A significant portion of the fabric industry comprises beaded laces and designs. You can surely add the style niche to your wardrobe with our applique digitizing designs created by our team of skilled digitizers.

Scale-up your Applique Digitizing Service

A team of master digitizers at Excellent Stitches can reproduce consistent artwork, no matter how complex or intricate. Our professionals serve quality digitizing artwork and ensure entire satisfaction to our valuable customers.

Compatible Files

At Excellent Stitches Digitizing, we offer a full suite of apparel and garment digitizing services, including the design confirmation and delivery of fully digitized vector files in different machine formats.

Ideal and Perfectionist Work

In a great industry like this, we have a line-up of modern and optimum resources that will allow us to meet the best and most effective standards.