Patch Digitizing Services

Patch digitizing everywhere in today’s world! Patch embroidered on your shirt, your shopping bag, a product with a logo patch- they’re generally the most favorite marketing thing! The process of digitizing embroidery and other fabrics is called patch digitizing, a popular method for adding text and designs. Need the best Patch Digitizing Service? Excellent Stitches is your one-stop-shop for all the patch creative value addition needs.

Get full range patch digitizing services

Patching a product requires hard work and dedication from an expert. Our digitized files ensure that your machine won’t have any thread breaks when you sew them. We all know how customization matters; we offer a full customized embroidery letter patch on your clothing or fabrics, product or any material; you can take the help of Excellent Stitches. Patch digitizing is our speciality, and we can customize patches based on your needs. We accept numerous file formats, such as DST, DSB, DSZ, EMB, etc.


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Why Hire Excellent Services

A+ Professional Services

As a leading digitizing company in the embroidery industry, Excellent Stitches sets the benchmark for quality, customer service, and product innovation.

Quality without Compromise

You can be sure you will get top-quality digitizing with us, as our digitizers utilize their expertise to the fullest to craft each design.

Great Customer Service

Need help? Would you like guidance on digitizing services? Our team of dedicated live customer service representatives is available for you 24/6 by email, chat, and WhatsApp.

Multiple Digitizers Available

With digitizing, the process is complex and varies from customer to customer. Our digitizers understand your needs and assign only the best digitizers to your project.

Quick Turnaround Time

Generally, jobs will be delivered within 10-12 hours, although rush orders and revisions may take a few hours.

Maintained Privacy

The files for digitizing embroidery art will be kept secure and are never shared with another customer without your permission. Therefore, you will remain protected throughout your journey with us.

What our clients say about us

We have received such valuable feedback from clients concerning our patch digitizing services. Our turnover time, fast delivery and perfection in work are what every client has praised us about. In the words of our valuable client- “Excellent Stitches is the best embroidery patch service I’ve ever come across; they have successfully met my project planning goals and deadline”. We have also worked with reputable clients for embroidery patch designs, including Nike, PUMA Cutter & Buck, Lee etc. and received tons of appreciation. Providing you with state-of-the-art digitizing services at an affordable price is what we offer you if you are searching for “custom embroidery patches near me”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the size and shape of my patch?

We offer patch customization of all type.They are readily available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Round, square, oval or sometimes a custom shape is used. For sizes, there is a whole range of it available. We also provide flower embroidery patches, letter embroidery patches, and whatnot.

Why should I consult Excellent Stitches for my patch digitizing services?

Maintaining high quality is the key to our long-term success. We strive to provide the absolute best embroidery logo digitizing services by focusing on quality and client satisfaction.

Can I place my order for patch digitizing through the website only?

Our team is at your disposal if you need custom logo embroidery patches. Our impeccable service can be delivered to you wherever you are. You can reach out to us via live chat, email or phone address to place your quick patch digitizing orders.

Will my small business benefit from patch digitizing?

Whether you’re a large organization or a small or mid-sized business, we’re an excellent embroidery digitizing partner. We offer unparalleled service regardless of the size of your business.

Can I place an urgent order?

All of the services we provide, including custom patches and embroidery, can be ordered urgently.

In which file format can I send my requirements?

A variety of file formats are accepted, including DST, DSB, DSZ, and EMB,PXF If you have another format you would like our team to work on, please let us know.

What is Patch Digitizing

In embroidery digitizing, text and designs are added to clothing and fabric, and patch digitizing is the technique for creating these designs. Using digital patches for marketing can also be beneficial for promoting a brand or company. A patch can be used as a freebie or reward or as a marketing tool. As a result, a brand or company becomes more visible.

Gain business visibility

Digitally designed logos and embroidered patches look clean and sharp, giving customers or clients a more professional impression. Business owners who rely on their image to generate income should pay close attention to this.

Get customized patch service.

Embroidered patches from our company offer value for money while adhering to fast turnaround time frames. As a bonus, we also offer rush orders. So, no need to worry about the quality and quick turnaround time; the Excellent Stitches are always here to help!