An image editing application for digital photos. It is used to crop and touch photos, as well as arranging them in albums and slide shows. Photo editors typically do not have myriad filters and have the features of a full-blown image editor such as Adobe’s Photoshop or Corel’s Paint Shop Pro. Photo is a change of editing images. These pictures can be digital pictures, pictures, prints or pictures on film). Some types of editing, such as airbrushing, are done by hand and others are done using photo editing programs such as Photoshop, Gimp, and Microsoft Paint. Photo editing is done for several reasons. Many photos of the model are edited to remove the blemish and improve the model. This is commonly called retouching, airbrushing or photoshopping, even if Photoshop or airbrush is not used. Other reasons for editing a picture include fixing errors (red eye, contrast, brightness, etc.), practical jokes and tricking people. Photo editing is also used to create completely new images. Photo editing is sometimes called photo manipulation, usually when it is used to trick people.


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